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About CSA Events

  CSA has plenty of events year-round for all of our members to take part in! From holiday celebration events to the chaotic Big/Little program to casual weekend events, CSA will always have something going on almost every week.

  There are so many events that CSA offers that we are sure that you will find something that you’ll like. Our events are great ways to make friends and connect with people in CSA!

  To learn more about our past events, check them out via the sidebar on the left. Also, check out our "What is CSA?" video and see the calendar below to view our upcoming events and schedule! We hope that you find something that you’ll enjoy and we hope to see you at future events soon! :)

CSA General Meetings

  CSA has general meetings every Tuesday at 8 pm! Anybody is welcome to attend our meetings, so come out and have a good time!

  At general meetings, we keep you up to date with CSA’s upcoming events, we play fun icebreaker games that anyone can participate in, and more! General meetings are also a great way to meet new people in the club and to get hyped for things that are in store for the club in the coming weeks!

  Check out these photos of some of our past general meetings!

Senior Shoutouts

 CSA hosts an annual banquet to commemorate and honor the graduating seniors of our organization who have touched all of our lives in a meaningful way during their time with CSA. Unfortunately, due to the preexisting circumstances of this year, we were not able to hold this banquet.

 However, this would not stop us from celebrating the time that we have spent with our seniors! To end the Spring quarter and ultimately the 2019-2020 school year for CSA, we hosted a live watch party of a compilation of shoutouts from CSA members for this year’s seniors!

 Check it out in the video below!

Online Events

  Quarantine may keep CSA members apart physically, but it couldn't stop us from bonding over some virtual events! Read a bit about ways that we stayed connected together online and from our homes!

Dalgona Coffee Making

  Who doesn’t love Dalgona coffee? CSA members grabbed their whisks and tuned into a Zoom call to make Dalgona coffee with step-by-step instruction by CSA! The activity went great, and everybody who participated learned how to make this simple and trendy treat for themselves at home!

Quarantine Workout Session

  Even though all of the gyms have closed down, that doesn’t mean that we can’t stay fit with home workouts! In order to stay on that fitness grind, CSA members joined a Zoom call to learn some workouts with CSA! This exercise session taught members how to keep active, even during quarantine!

APIDA Open Mic Night

  To celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, CSA participated in an open mic night, hosted by Cal Poly’s Pilipino Cultural Exchange! Members from a number of Cal Poly’s cultural organizations (PCE, CSA, ISA, KASA, JSA, TVSA, and more) put on a show of performances for a live audience of over 100 people online over Zoom! These performances showcased a wide variety of talent and cultural expressions from Cal Poly students’ diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Game Night with EPIC

  CSA hosted a virtual game night in collaboration with Cal Poly’s EPIC (Engineering Possibilities in College)! This event brought members from both organizations together to play a number of games, including Monopoly, UNO, and more from our own homes! You can find out more about EPIC here!

Cooking Pad Thai

  Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook dishes from your favorite Thai restaurant? CSA hosted a cooking event where members could follow live instructions for preparing and cooking a popular Thai noodle dish, Pad Thai! This dish was voted to be chosen for this cooking event as a favorite among CSA from a number of dishes from various ethnic backgrounds.

Big's Appreciation Week

  Every year, CSA hosts a week full of themes and activities in which Littles (see the "Bigs/Littles and Revealing" tab for more information!) perform tasks and give gifts for their Bigs to show their appreciation for their Bigs! This year, CSA’s Social Chairs organized a virtual Big’s Appreciation Week which included fun activities such as making memes for Bigs and watching movies or playing video games with Bigs!

Winter Formal

  Winter Formal is a fun night for members to get together with friends at a special venue off-campus! With great music, decorations, and a photo booth, the Winter Formal is a fun time for everyone to dance the night away and have a great time with good vibes.

  Check out the promo video and photos from this year’s Winter Formal below!

Winter Sports Events


  CSA participated in the annual Souperbowl, a friendly competition between cultural clubs that includes several rounds of games of different sports. Check out some photos of our basketball game against PCE below!

Tennis Social

  CSA hosted a tennis social, where members could come out on a sunny day and enjoy some great games of tennis with friends! Check out the photos from our members playing tennis below!

Winter Retreat

  Need a break from exams? CSA hosted a Winter Retreat in order to provide members with a weekend of rest and relaxation. Members got to spend time with friends at the beach and spend the night at an Airbnb with each other and good vibes, making for a nice respite from the stress of Winter quarter midterms.

  Check out some photos from the retreat below!

Hotpot Night

  What would be a better way to beat the Winter cold than with a warm night of hotpot? CSA hosted a hotpot night, where members were provided with hotpot ingredients and necessary cooking tools to make for a warm night of fun and good food. Everybody got to eat good food and have a good time with friends!

  Check out photos from the hotpot night below!

White Elephant

  CSA hosted a White Elephant gift exchange, which is a game for the holiday season in which players open, steal, and trade random gifts that other members have anonymously contributed. The game usually ends with a ton of betrayal and laughter, and this was no exception!

  Check out photos from the white elephant exchange below!

Fall Sports Events

Montaña de Oro

  CSA hosted an outing to Montaña de Oro State Park, which is famous for its beautiful hiking trails and beaches. Spending some time to unwind and take in these gorgeous views from the trails and beaches was a great way for members to bond and have a great time overall! Check out some photos from CSA’s time at the park below!


  CSA also hosted a kayaking excursion for members to enjoy, another great way for members to get some fresh air and enjoy SLO’s beautiful surroundings! Life jackets, kayaks, and paddles were all taken care of, members had a great time going out with kayaks! Check out some photos from the kayaking trip below!

Chinese New Year Banquet

  Chinese New Year Banquet is perhaps CSA’s biggest event of Winter Quarter! It is a banquet that commemorates the Lunar New Year and Chinese culture that is open to anybody at all, and is organized and hosted entirely by CSA members!

  The night is filled with performances from CSA’s own Lion Dance Team, Take Out Kidz dance group, and Harmonics a capella group (learn more about them in the “Groups” tab above)! We also have individual performances from CSA members, guest performances from local performers of Wushu Tai Chi Center, and our annual play that is written, directed, and performed by CSA members!

  These performances run throughout the night for everybody to watch while they enjoy catered authentic Chinese food and delicious treats from our event sponsor! This year’s CNYB was sponsored by Pocky and all of our attendees got to enjoy plenty of Pocky throughout the night, courtesy of our sponsor!

  Check out the photos of this year’s Chinese New Year Banquet below!

Thanksgiving Banquet

  CSA’s Thanksgiving Banquet is the first major event that Littles and Bigs attend together (see the “Bigs/Littles and Revealing” tab on the left for more information)! Our Thanksgiving Banquet is run potluck-style, meaning that each Big/Little pair signs up to bring a dish that they cook together before the event! This makes for a great way for Littles to bond with their newly revealed Bigs.

  The night is also filled with performances from CSA’s own performing groups: Lion Dance Team, Take Out Kidz dance group, and Harmonics a capella group (learn more about them in the “Groups” tab above)! We also have individual performances from members as well!

  There are also plenty of great photo opportunities for friends, Big/Little pairs, and our CSA families at the event! The family photos from Thanksgiving Banquet can be found in the “Families” tab at the top of this page.

  Check out photos from this year’s Thanksgiving Banquet below!

Bigs/Littles and Revealing

  CSA’s Big and Little program is one of the most important parts of our organization. Every year, new joining CSA members become Littles when they are paired with, or are “picked up by,” veteran CSA members. These veteran members that they are paired with will become Bigs if it is their first time being paired with Littles. If they have picked up in previous years, they simply pick up more Littles if they choose to do so!

  The lines of Bigs and Littles that can span over several years come together to form families. You can view CSA’s different families at the “Families” tab at the top of this page. As senior Bigs graduate, other Bigs in their line and families pick up more Littles and keep the family sizes strong!

  The most exciting for many CSA members is the process of Passing and Revealing. Passing begins with CSA board secretly pairing future Bigs and Littles, and only telling the Bigs who their Littles are, but keeping everything a secret from Littles. Passing is generally a 3-week long process in which Bigs troll, drop subtle hints, and give gifts for their Littles while keeping their own identities secret.

  At the end of Passing is Revealing, which is a day when Littles try to figure out who their Bigs are. At the end of the day, the Bigs reveal their identities and they are finally united with their Littles! This whole process is full of excitement and chaos for everyone and ends up bringing together Bigs and Little to form bonds that last for years on end.

  Check out some photos from this year’s Revealing below!


  CultureFest is an annual celebration of culture at Cal Poly that takes place during Fall quarter. Many of the cultural clubs, including CSA, share a bit of the culture that they each represent with the school in a number of ways.

  For CSA, we shared our culture with others through our performing groups and food! CultureFest featured performances from CSA’s own Lion Dance Team, Take Out Kidz dance group, and Harmonics a cappella group (learn more about them in the “Groups” tab above)! CSA also sold Indomie noodles with egg and Spam add-ons for anyone to purchase and enjoy!

  Click here to learn more about CultureFest. And check out some photos from this year’s CultureFest below!


  Ultraman is the first major event for new Littles to begin to really get familiar with CSA. Ultraman occurs very early on in the quarter and introduces Littles and new CSA members to the families of CSA.

  Ultraman is a friendly Olympics-style competition that takes place between CSA’s many families, with each family represented by a different color theme. Because new CSA members and Littles have not yet been paired with families or Bigs, they are instead temporarily assigned to random families, so that they can become more familiar with their assigned family and the Bigs within it.

  Everybody competes in a variety of games throughout the day at the beach, and one family eventually emerges victorious! Ultraman is a great way to get connected with CSA members, both returning and new.

  Check out some photos from this year’s Ultraman below!

Meet & Greet and Bonfire

  CSA’s first events of the year are our Meet & Greet and our bonfire! These events are great for new members to meet other new members as well as veteran CSA members!

  Our Meet & Greet takes place during the day on Dexter Lawn, a popular spot for gatherings on campus. Various activities are held and everybody has the opportunity to mingle and meet with tons of new people.

  Later in the day, CSA brings members to a nearby beach for a bonfire event! The bonfire is another great opportunity to meet new people, and has tons of great music and campfire snacks, such as s’mores!

  Check out some photos from this year’s Meet & Greet and bonfire below!

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