CSA Virtual Escape Room 2020
What is This?
This is a virtual escape room! An escape room is conventionally a room that contains a series of puzzles for participants to solve in a set amount of time.

This website is a virtual version of an escape room, and contains puzzles for you and your team to solve. Your goal is to solve these puzzles in as little time as possible, and to reach the end of the escape room!

You can access the puzzles and view real-time standings for the escape room with the buttons above! Good luck!
What is the legend of Hou Yi?
Hou Yi was fabled to be a legendary archer who saved the world from certain doom on a number of occasions. His actions are said to be the reason why the sun rises every morning.

According to Chinese mythology, there used to be ten suns in the sky. The mythical Jade Emperor ruled over them and instructed that only one sun should play in the sky at a time, but being children, they disobeyed. At daybreak, all ten of them came out to play.

With the heat of ten suns burning the earth, monsters ravaged the streets, crops burned, and men and women fell ill. Seeing that the world was in trouble, Hou Yi took to his bow and arrows, using his talent as an archer to save the world by shooting down nine suns.

But Hou Yi’s skill terrified the last sun, chasing it away from the sky and plunging the world into darkness. It wasn’t until a rooster raised its head and crowed “Gēgē! Gēgē! (Brother! Brother!)” that the sun finally chose to emerge. To this day, the sun emerges when the rooster crows.

To reward Hou Yi for saving the world from destruction, the Jade Emperor gifted him with an elixir of immortality. Conflicted, Hou Yi stowed the elixir aside, and his wife, Chang’e, took the elixir instead, choosing to flee to the moon to escape her husband’s wrath. While Hou Yi planned to take revenge by shooting down the moon, he was unable to bring himself to do so, and in the end showed his forgiveness by laying out fruits to Chang’e. To this day, people leave offerings of fruit and desserts for the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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